fcml  1.1.3
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fcml_st_assembled_instruction Struct Reference

Encoded instruction. More...

#include <fcml_assembler.h>

Public Attributes

struct fcml_st_assembled_instructionnext
 Next assembled instruction in the chain. More...
fcml_st_ceh_error_container warnings
 Warning messages related to assembled instruction. More...
fcml_uint8_t * code
 Instruction machine code. More...
fcml_usize code_length
 Instruction code length in bytes. More...

Detailed Description

Encoded instruction.

Every instruction might be encoded to more than one binary form. This chain holds all forms assembler was able to assemble instruction to.

Member Data Documentation

fcml_uint8_t* fcml_st_assembled_instruction::code

Instruction machine code.

fcml_usize fcml_st_assembled_instruction::code_length

Instruction code length in bytes.

struct fcml_st_assembled_instruction* fcml_st_assembled_instruction::next

Next assembled instruction in the chain.

fcml_st_ceh_error_container fcml_st_assembled_instruction::warnings

Warning messages related to assembled instruction.

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