fcml  1.2.2
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fcml::AssemblingFailedException Class Reference

Assembling failed. More...

#include <fcml_assembler.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 AssemblingFailedException (const fcml_cstring msg, ErrorContainer errorContainer=ErrorContainer(), fcml_ceh_error error=FCML_CEH_GEC_NO_ERROR)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcml::ErrorContainerAwareException
 ErrorContainerAwareException (const fcml_cstring &msg, const ErrorContainer &errorContainer, fcml_ceh_error error=FCML_CEH_GEC_NO_ERROR)
 Creates an error container aware exception instance and sets basic information for it. More...
const ErrorContainergetErrorContainer () const
 Gets a reference to an error container associated with the exception. More...
void setErrorContainer (const ErrorContainer &errorContainer)
 Sets a new error container for the exception. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcml::BaseException
 BaseException (fcml_ceh_error error=FCML_CEH_GEC_NO_ERROR)
 BaseException (const fcml_cstring &msg, fcml_ceh_error error=FCML_CEH_GEC_NO_ERROR)
 BaseException (const BaseException &cpy)
BaseExceptionoperator= (const BaseException &exc)
const fcml_cstring getMsg () const
const fcml_ceh_errorgetError () const

Detailed Description

Assembling failed.


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