fcml  1.2.2
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fcml_dialect.h File Reference

Structures and functions related to dialects. More...

#include "fcml_lib_export.h"
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typedef struct fcml_st_dialect fcml_st_dialect
 Assembler dialect. More...


LIB_EXPORT void LIB_CALL fcml_fn_dialect_free (fcml_st_dialect *dialect)
 Frees dialect instance. More...

Detailed Description

Structures and functions related to dialects.

Functions and structures used for developing new dialects are not exposed as public API. If you are interested in implementing another dialect you have to use internal headers.

Typedef Documentation

◆ fcml_st_dialect

Assembler dialect.

Function Documentation

◆ fcml_fn_dialect_free()

LIB_EXPORT void LIB_CALL fcml_fn_dialect_free ( fcml_st_dialect dialect)

Frees dialect instance.

Frees all resources occupied by the dialect instance.

dialectDialect to be freed.