fcml  1.2.2
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fcml_types.h File Reference

Types declarations. More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "fcml_lib_export.h"
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struct  fcml_nuint8_t
struct  fcml_nuint16_t
struct  fcml_nuint32_t
struct  fcml_nuint64_t
struct  fcml_nint8_t
struct  fcml_nint16_t
struct  fcml_nint32_t
struct  fcml_nint64_t
struct  fcml_st_integer


#define FCML_TEXT(x)   x
 Used to code literal strings. More...
#define _FT(x)   FCML_TEXT(x)
#define FCML_INT64_MAX   INT64_MAX
#define FCML_INT64_MIN   INT64_MIN
#define FCML_INT32_MAX   INT32_MAX
#define FCML_INT32_MIN   INT32_MIN
#define FCML_INT16_MAX   INT16_MAX
#define FCML_INT16_MIN   INT16_MIN
#define FCML_INT8_MAX   INT8_MAX
#define FCML_INT8_MIN   INT8_MIN
#define FCML_UINT16_MAX   UINT16_MAX
#define FCML_UINT32_MAX   UINT32_MAX
#define FCML_UINT64_MAX   UINT64_MAX
#define fcml_string   char*
#define FCML_TRUE   1
#define FCML_FALSE   0
#define FCML_TP_SET_BIT(x, y)   ( ( x ) | ( 0x01 << ( y ) ) )
#define FCML_TP_GET_BIT(x, y)   ( ( x >> y ) & 0x01 )
#define FCML_TP_CLEAR_BIT(x, y)   ( ( x ) &= ~( 1 << ( y ) ) )
#define FCML_SET_VALUE(x, y)   x.value = y; x.is_not_null = FCML_TRUE;
#define FCML_SET_NULL(x)   x.value = 0; x.is_not_null = FCML_FALSE;
#define FCML_IS_NULL(x)   ((x).is_not_null == FCML_FALSE)


typedef int fcml_int
typedef unsigned int fcml_uint
typedef int fcml_bool
typedef int8_t fcml_int8_t
typedef uint8_t fcml_uint8_t
typedef int16_t fcml_int16_t
typedef uint16_t fcml_uint16_t
typedef int32_t fcml_int32_t
typedef uint32_t fcml_uint32_t
typedef int64_t fcml_int64_t
typedef uint64_t fcml_uint64_t
typedef char fcml_char
typedef float fcml_float
typedef void * fcml_ptr
typedef fcml_uint32_t fcml_flags
typedef fcml_uint32_t fcml_usize
typedef fcml_int32_t fcml_size
typedef struct fcml_nuint8_t fcml_nuint8_t
typedef struct fcml_nuint16_t fcml_nuint16_t
typedef struct fcml_nuint32_t fcml_nuint32_t
typedef struct fcml_nuint64_t fcml_nuint64_t
typedef struct fcml_nint8_t fcml_nint8_t
typedef struct fcml_nint16_t fcml_nint16_t
typedef struct fcml_nint32_t fcml_nint32_t
typedef struct fcml_nint64_t fcml_nint64_t
typedef struct fcml_st_integer fcml_st_integer

Detailed Description

Types declarations.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FCML_TEXT (   x)    x

Used to code literal strings.

It will be useful if FCML supports UNICODE in the future.