fcml  1.2.2
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fcml_st_offset Struct Reference

Absolute offset. More...

#include <fcml_common.h>

Public Attributes

fcml_usize size
 Offset size 16,32 or 64 bits. More...
fcml_bool is_signed
 True if offset should be treated as signed value. More...
fcml_int16_t off16
 Place for 16-bit absolute offset. More...
fcml_int32_t off32
 Place for 32-bit absolute offset. More...
fcml_int64_t off64
 Place for 64-bit absolute offset. More...

Detailed Description

Absolute offset.

Member Data Documentation

◆ is_signed

fcml_bool fcml_st_offset::is_signed

True if offset should be treated as signed value.

◆ off16

fcml_int16_t fcml_st_offset::off16

Place for 16-bit absolute offset.

◆ off32

fcml_int32_t fcml_st_offset::off32

Place for 32-bit absolute offset.

◆ off64

fcml_int64_t fcml_st_offset::off64

Place for 64-bit absolute offset.

◆ size

fcml_usize fcml_st_offset::size

Offset size 16,32 or 64 bits.

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