fcml  1.2.2
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fcml_st_operand Struct Reference

Instruction operand. More...

#include <fcml_common.h>

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Public Attributes

fcml_en_operand_type type
 Operand type.
fcml_hints hints
 Optional operand level hints. More...
fcml_st_integer immediate
 Immediate value operand. More...
fcml_st_far_pointer far_pointer
 Far pointer operand. More...
fcml_st_address address
 Effective address or absolute offset. More...
fcml_st_register reg
 Register operand. More...
fcml_st_operand_decorators decorators
 Operand decorators. More...

Detailed Description

Instruction operand.

Structure represents one instruction operand.

Member Data Documentation

◆ address

fcml_st_address fcml_st_operand::address

Effective address or absolute offset.

◆ decorators

fcml_st_operand_decorators fcml_st_operand::decorators

Operand decorators.

◆ far_pointer

fcml_st_far_pointer fcml_st_operand::far_pointer

Far pointer operand.

◆ hints

fcml_hints fcml_st_operand::hints

Optional operand level hints.

◆ immediate

fcml_st_integer fcml_st_operand::immediate

Immediate value operand.

◆ reg

fcml_st_register fcml_st_operand::reg

Register operand.

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