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Change log

10.06.2014 (fcml-1.0.0)
  • First public release.
03.02.2015 (fcml-1.1.0)
  • Wrapper for C++ language.
  • Some minor fixes in unit tests.
  • Multi-pass assembler tests could have failed on some systems due to a bug.
  • Several missing 'extern "C"' declarations added.
  • 'dist' build targed has been fixed.
  • pkg-config support.
  • Lexer generated using newer version of flex.
04.08.2015 (fcml-1.1.1)
  • Bug fix #1 - FCML-based HSDIS crashes when used with WinPerfAsmProfiler
  • Some minor build related changes
  • Internal unit tests have been disabled for MinGW and Cygwin builds.
  • \DEBUG option has been added to hsdis (Debug) for VS2013 project.
23.09.2016 (fcml-1.1.2)
  • hsdis - License changed to LGPL 2.1
18.10.2016 (fcml-1.1.3)
  • bug fix in tests (
13.11.2019 (fcml-1.2.0)
  • bug fixes
  • AVX-512 support
24.04.2020 (fcml-1.2.1)
  • a new option (-all) added to fcml-asm
  • lots of refactoring and cleanup
  • important bug fixes: a bug in [ebp] encoding fixed (assembler)
  • important bug fixes: a bug in es segment register override fixed (assembler)
26.04.2020 (fcml-1.2.2)
  • some c99 features were removed in order to continue with VS support
  • support for vs2015 removed