fcml  1.1.3
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fcml_st_disassembler_context Struct Reference

Disassembler context. More...

#include <fcml_disassembler.h>

Public Attributes

 Disassembler used to decode instructions. More...
fcml_st_disassembler_conf configuration
 Disassembler configuration. More...
fcml_st_entry_point entry_point
 Instruction entry point configuration. More...
fcml_ptr code
 Pointer to the encoded instruction. More...
fcml_usize code_length
 Size of the code in the buffer above. More...

Detailed Description

Disassembler context.

Member Data Documentation

fcml_ptr fcml_st_disassembler_context::code

Pointer to the encoded instruction.

fcml_usize fcml_st_disassembler_context::code_length

Size of the code in the buffer above.

fcml_st_disassembler_conf fcml_st_disassembler_context::configuration

Disassembler configuration.

fcml_st_disassembler* fcml_st_disassembler_context::disassembler

Disassembler used to decode instructions.

fcml_st_entry_point fcml_st_disassembler_context::entry_point

Instruction entry point configuration.

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